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Employment Program

Employment Program 4.8% of people living in Metro Atlanta are currently unemployed. We plan to provide a tangible path out of poverty through: Strategic job matching Offering transposable skills within the computer and technology industry Expanding the opportunity to advance and train others so that people and communities continually progress

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Community Content for Growth (CCG) Program

Community Content for Growth (CCG) Program This is a program designed to work with educators and sponsors to create seminars, workshops and events that increase knowledge about issues that affect the growth and sustainability of people in underserved communities. Our ultimate goal is to encourage growth, education and, motivate (GEMs) for youth, seniors, millennials, etc…
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Community Resource Matching (CoRM) Program

Community Resource Matching (CoRM) Program Reports, trends and statistics allow us to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships within a community. We match residents with the community organizations, businesses, government agencies and educators that can help create opportunities and growth.

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